Creating Handcrafted Jump Rings From Wire For Jewellery Designers

November 13th, 2010 by wys

Making your own wire jewelry findings can bring you much pride if you shape and fabricate handmade jewellery.

All jewelleryenthusiasts ought to know how to produce handmade jump rings. Jump rings really are a significant ingredient of most pieces of jewellery that you create. While a person can pre-made jump rings, there are various many advantages to making your own homemade jump rings. When you’re able to produce your own jump rings, they are consistently the exact size they should be.You’ll be able to use your choice of metal. You’ll be able to customise your jump rings in any respect that you require when you create them yourself. If you realize your jump ring is just too large, you can easily make it just a little smaller sized. It truly is much harder to work with a commercial jump ring smaller - though it can be done with some effort.

Creating handmade jump rings does take some practice. When you make handmade jump rings, it is suggested for you to practice this skill so you get used to creating the rings perfectly. As your skill improves you’ll find that the jump rings become better and better. If you only generate jump rings, as you need them, it is likely you aren’t giving yourself adequate practice. An excellent recommendation would be to sit and relax with a cup full of coffee and your favorite tv show and make jump rings to your heart’s content! In an hour, you will have a bunch of do-it-yourself jump rings, but more to the point you’ll observe that your skill has considerably improved plus your rings are substantially improved.

There are still difficulties when you produce diy jump rings. A few who make jump rings find the challenge that their jump rings don’t fit together as perfectly as the purchased jump rings do. This is sorted out with a little bit of wiggling and effort. Sometimes you’ll want to file the ends flat and smooth to make the homemade jump rings lie flat. Take a look at jump ring closely to see what precisely the problem could be. With some perseverance, you might realize that you can indeed get your jump ring to lie flat.

Sometimes jewellery makers find that their rings come across as too pliable. Such things happen when you’re using “dead soft” wire for your homemade jump rings. This is the softest temper available. There are a number of easy ways to harden wire, but If you don’t want to harden your homemade jump rings, then perhaps you want to get started with half-hard wire . This is an ideal solution to make handmade jump rings that’ll be somewhat more solid.

People who find themselves new to wire jewellery making should take jump ring making as a challenge . Wire has to be fully understood and grasping how to make homemade jump rings is another way to master wire. As your skill gets better so you master the wire, you’ll realize that you can definitely control your jewelry wire. Creating these homemade jump rings will also give you more confidence as a wire work jeweler. Just think of what other wire jewelry projects you’ll want to accomplish next!

About the Author: Christine Gierer really loves sharing her expertise in making wire jewelry, and shares free jewelry projects on her website.

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