Clip On Earrings Selecting the right Ones for You

May 30th, 2011 by wys

Although body piercing is a skill that’s preferred today, there are still those among us who choose not to pierce our ears. You don’t have to pierce your ears to enjoy wearing earrings. Clip on earrings allow you to enjoy the classy price of beautiful earrings without having to face the needle.
A lot more thought however desires to go into the choice of clip on earrings compared against choice of earrings for pierced ears. Like regular earrings choose clip on earrings that suit your taste and preferences. This implies picking a colour and design that you like and would be content to wear.
Although preference and taste is critical, it’s also necessary to ensure that you choose the right earrings for your face. If your face is round, oval or long drop earrings will make your face appear longer and thus increase its appeal to the onlooker. Long earrings make folk concentrate more on your eyes and the length of your face. For those with a wider forehead, rounded or corpulent earrings will direct the notice of on lookers to the sides of your face thus taking the notice away from your forehead.
You should also think about your allergies. If you are allergic to any type of metal you will be better of with plastic clip-on earrings. But you can choose earrings made of metals that do not include the elements you have an allergy to. Although clip on earrings rest on the earlobe and are not very likely to come into contact with damaged skin, the metal elements can still rouse an allergic reaction which could cause your ears too swell. This could draw attention to you for all of the wrong reasons.
One of the most significant points to consider when selecting clip on earrings is guaranteeing they are the proper fit. Many folks say that all earrings will fit all ears. If you’ve ever acquired clip on earrings, you have spotted that some are tighter than others. Some are so tight that they cause pain when wearing them. If you want to ensure your wonderful new earrings won’t cause you any pain, try them on prior to purchasing them. This will help you work out how tight they’re. Clip on earrings aren’t like shoes however. They will not grow to fit or become loser with time. They will remain as tight as they’re on the day on which you acquired them so make sure that the earrings fit you completely before purchasing them.
Many clip on earrings come in sets or different colors. These are a cheap alternative option to purchasing them individually. You can wear different earrings with different outfits.

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