Choosing the Right Wedding Necklace to Compliment Your Dress

August 3rd, 2010 by wys

Selecting a necklace to coordinate with the rest of your bridal ensemble is more difficult than you might think. Despite the fact that a single tress of pearls may work nicely, many brides are looking for something else. The following are a few hints about choosing the best wedding necklace.

Tip #1: Pay Attention to Your Dress

The primary feature in selecting your necklace is the style of your wedding gown. Wedding dresses which have lengthy sleeves or high necklines normally go well with a plain design in jewellery. If your wedding dress is ornamented with pearls, crystals or beads in elaborate styling, plain jewellery will work nicely. Aside from pearls, some other fitting selections are diamond solitaires or family heirlooms. Some brides elect to wear chokers that calls more notice to the face. A dress with no straps looks better with a more decorative necklace; but a frilly dress can take a simple style necklace.

Wedding Necklace - Tip #2: Choose the Right Colour

Some brides choose four pieces of jewellery to represent the “old,” “new,” “borrowed” and “blue” required by the popular wedding tradition. These can be earrings, a brooch, a bracelet and a necklace. The “blue” could be the gemstones sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz or zircon. You also may choose coloured gemstones based on the season. Garnet is nice for winter, citrine is appropriate for fall, pink topaz for summertime and opal is proper for spring. Coloured gemstones would add an exclusive look to your wedding jewellery selection.

Wedding Necklace - Tip #3: Select Quality Jewellery

Despite the fact that rhinestones are within your budget and have plenty of sparkle, don’t be tempted to buy inexpensive jewellery. Remember that wedding jewellery often becomes a family heirloom, so quality jewellery is crucial if you expect them to endure long enough to pass down to a daughter or niece. Maybe you can’t afford an extravagant gold necklace; but, a silver necklace adorned with gemstone or diamond accents is well within many budgets.

Wedding Necklace - Tip #4: Borrowing on a Budget

If your finances are tight, wouldn’t you consider borrowing jewellery from relatives or friends? Wouldn’t you feel special to have your grandmother’s brooch, mother’s earrings, your sister’s necklace and your closest friend’s bracelet, particularly if they are jewellery items that you love? Almost every family has heirloom classic jewellery pieces. If you wear these, it will add more significance to your ceremony and furthermore a sense of permanence and belonging. Finally, you might want to consider hiring fine jewellery if you won’t settle for anything else but diamonds and pearls.

Tip #5: Think About the Symbolic Aspect

All gemstones, precious or semi-precious, will hold representative meanings and folkloric customs. It may be exciting to study information on a few of your most-admired stones to to learn whether their symbolism might suit the theme of your wedding. Case in point, the limpid green colour of jade is cool and whispery and might be complimentary to the greenery in your bouquet. Jade, for instance, represents intellect, purity and vigour. This gemstone is thought to bestow upon its wearer perception, courage and endurance. Are any more fitting qualities for a bride?

All it takes is a bit of creative thinking to find a wedding necklace that is both within your means and momentous.

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