Choose the Sentiment and Elegance of a 14k Diamond Tennis Bracelet for a Delightful Gift

November 18th, 2009 by wys

Diamonds , diamonds, diamonds! Diamonds are everywhere and on everybody’s mind this time of year, with the holidays just ahead and everyone who’s been good all year making up their wish lists, and you will not find a better gift to give a special woman in your life than a gorgeous Diamond White Gold Tennis Bracelet.

One of the first choices to make about choosing a tennis diamond bracelet as a gift is what total carat weight of tennis bracelet diamond to purchase. We do know that conventional thinking tells us that anyone would want to receive the biggest diamonds or highest number of diamonds possible, so the thing you might think is that you should opt for the highest Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet you can afford, but there are other factors of quality as well as quantity that come into play when selecting a diamond tennis bracelet. For one thing, the recipient might need a longer bracelet which requires more metal and more diamonds, so you would have to balance that against what carat diamond tennis bracelet is ideal and what sort of metal she would want to get a bracelet in and so on.

The total carat weight, when used in a description like x carat diamond tennis bracelet is meant as the weight of every diamond in the bracelet combined, or what the weight would be if all of the diamonds in the whole bracelet were weighed on a scale. Of course this comes down to the total carat weight of tennis bracelet diamond you can afford in comparison to the total carat weight of tennis bracelet diamond that she would most wish to receive.

A white gold 14k Diamond Tennis Bracelet has become the go to gift and dependable wardrobe piece for every lady, but if she prefers yellow gold, it is out there too . . . it as, after all, a classic. I believe the original diamond tennis bracelet that brought about this term for a simple bracelet of in line diamonds was set in yellow gold itself. Of course I am referring to the bracelet that tennis star Chris Evert wore to every one of her matches and famously lost during the 1987 US Open. The tournament officials halted the game temporarily at her request so she and others could search for the bracelet. It was found, she won her match, and the term “diamond tennis bracelet” was born and sent sales and orders for these beautiful and elegant items through the roof!

It is also important to remember that you do not have only the 14k diamond tennis bracelet to choose from! Diamond gold tennis bracelets can also be made in 18kt white gold, 18kt yellow gold, or platinum. It’s just that the 14k diamond tennis bracelet, especially the diamond white gold tennis bracelet, has become the most popular style of diamond tennis bracelets because the white metal so nicely matches the white stones and the more understated color of white gold in a 14k diamond tennis bracelet makes the diamond white gold tennis bracelet match many items of clothing and pieces of jewelry.

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