Bridesmaids Jewellery - Be Stylish without Outshining the Bride

November 23rd, 2010 by wys

It goes without saying that the bridesmaids should not outclass the bride. Still, some weddings have bridesmaids donning a dress and choice jewellery that improperly attention due to the most beautiful lady in the ceremony - naturally, the bride. Etiquette informs us that the bridesmaids should know the chosen wedding theme, agreed upon colour, motif, and recommended hairstyles and, of course, the bridesmaids jewellery. If you are a bridesmaid, keep in mind this single rule - the jewellery you wear should match, but not outglisten, mirror and not clash with those worn by the bride. Naturally, the bridesmaids’ jewellery must match their own gown.

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