Bridal Necklace - Choosing the Right Necklace Impacts the Choice of Wedding Gown

December 7th, 2010 by wys

To many, after the bride has decided on the gown, this is followed by a parallel selection of the bride’s preferred hairstyle (that of course accentuates the strengths of the wedding dress) and the wedding jewellery (which of course should match the wedding dress and hair style). But for some who might have bought or secured jewellery before everything else, the shopping and item choice is a bit complicated. One piece of jewellery, however, is impacted by the dress, and because of that affects one’s decision over the gown itself - the bridal necklace. The wedding gown’s neckline impacts the length of the bridal necklace. So if you secured a necklace before the dress, then the dress must ‘adjust’ to it and conversely.

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