Bridal Jewellery in the UK: Select a Piece of Jewellery that Speaks Out

March 8th, 2010 by wys

Bridal Jewellery - Below are several suggestions for picking bridal jewellery which is styled depending on your birth month, or his, or both. Numerous UK brides will also opt for jewellery in accordance with the symbolic implication of the gemstones.

Gemstone Implications and Emblems

Gemstones are symbolic of different things in diverse societies. For instance, in accordance with Hindu habits of earliest India, gemstones were thought to have chakras, which are considered energy centres. “Chakra” is defined as “disk” or “wheel” in Sanskrit, the tongue of earliest India. Chakras send out their beneficial characteristics, helping us in restoring our inner balance. Here’s how birthstones relate to chakras.

Concerning the Garnet

The garnet birthstone represents January and is tinted with a deep, flaming red-brown colour that glows like the embers of a fire. Garnets are figurative of fire, ardour, devotion, dependability, beauty and genuineness. What bride wouldn’t want those attributes to grace her wedding?

Concerning Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone that is deep purple with an imperial look is the birthstone for February. The ancient societies wore amethyst due to the fact that it was suppose to put off drunkenness and trepidation and to inspire pleasant dreams. This gem is representative of cheerfulness, prosperity and valour.

About Aquamarine

The birthstone that represents March, aquamarine, is named for its beautiful colour which is so indicative of the sea. Brides who really want contentment and unity will wear aquamarine for their wedding day. This jewel is thought to maintain purity and youthfulness as well as health.


The Olden Hindus thought that diamonds were produced out of lightning bolts. The birthstone named for April, diamonds are representative of faithfulness and lasting love. Diamonds also are thought to help increase wealth and embody luxury.

Bridal Jewellery - Regarding the Emerald

If you are a bride born in May, the emerald with its deep green colour is thought to arouse understanding, patience and growth. Emerald also symbolises hope and devoted love, which makes a perfect choice for wedding jewellery.

Regarding the Pearl

Brides with June birthdays many times will opt for pearls. Pearls are indicative of faithfulness, fidelity and purity. They are indicative also of riches and also peace of mind.

Regarding the Ruby

The deep red ruby means honesty, courage, happiness and loyalty. July brides many times select it due to the fact that it is said to enhance good health and prettiness.

Concerning Peridot

The birthstone for August is peridot, a sea-green coloured jewel. If you wear peridot on your wedding day, custom holds that this stone will provoke loyalty, genuineness and love.

Regarding Sapphire

The birthstone which corresponds to September is sapphire, deemed throughout history as a representation of purity and insight. The sapphire’s colour, which has a deep blue tint, additionally represents truth, clear conscience, prosperity and health.

Concerning Topaz

Bridal Jewellery - November’s stone, called topaz, may be amber-yellow or varying shades of blue. It indicates deep, continuing love and was furthermore thought to put off bad or wicked dreams. This gemstone is also associated with innocence.


For December, the birthstone is turquoise, a blue or green gem thought to evoke safety, good fate and success. December brides opt for turquoise because of the link with hope, courage and success pertaining to love.

Whichever gem you choose, it will definitely have a symbolism which says something special to you and your partner.

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