Bridal Jewellery in the UK: Opt for a Gorgeous Headband with Your Ensemble

June 9th, 2010 by wys

For a casual wedding outside, you will want to create the most peaceful environment for the wedding attendants and guests. Instead of high-end wedding gowns, your selection of dresses would be elegant, yet plain and informal. Your selection of jewellery would be uncomplicated also, deciding on plain but eye-catching designs that emphasise your colour scheme, which may be a jewel tone colour like regal purple. But have you thought about hair accessories for both yourself and your attendants? This is a few details pertaining to a fantastic option for a purple-themed wedding, headbands decorated with the time-honoured stone amethyst.

Bridal Jewellery UK - About Amethyst

According to folklore, amethyst was made whenever Dionysus, who is the Greek god who dominates over festivities and wine, once received an insult from a mortal. He swore revenge on the next mortal he saw and produced vicious tigers to carry it out. This mortal was an attractive youthful woman called Amethyst. At the moment Dionysus was ready to go ahead with his revenge, another goddess, Diana, made Amethyst into a crystalline sculpture. When Dionysus saw the beautiful statue, he wept with tears made of wine, staining the statue with his purple tears and producing amethyst. In light of the colour, amethyst is often associated with royalty. Amethyst can be found within the crown jewels of olden Egypt, present day England as well as czarist Russia. Amethyst furthermore signifies celibacy and goodness. Amethyst decorations are seen in devout and customary items of Christianity and Buddhism. These stones can be found worldwide, however, some of the top rated ones are found in the New World, this includes Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico and the United States. A fact that isn’t widely-known is that citrine, an attractive yellow-orange gem, is produced from heated amethyst. Amethyst is thought to represent constancy, peace, inner strength, audacity and balance. This stone is also linked with the quality of honesty and is additionally thought to have a peaceful air. Amethyst is also believed by some to have healing qualities.

Bridal Jewellery UK - Choices for Headbands Containing Amethyst Crystals

A lot of brides opt for ornamented headbands instead of the more ceremonial tiara. The bridesmaids can also wear headbands. One time-honoured headband design features clusters of elegant crystals and luminous glass beads designed around two filigree butterflies. Perfect for an outdoor wedding! Additionally, there is a cherry blossom style in a headband that has a contemporary asymmetrical look. These blossoms are created from miniature glass beads and shining Swarovski crystals. Another design evokes an art deco feel that contains a row of crystals punctuated wonderfully with two striking starbursts, a large one and a small one. For the traditional bride, they have a reserved silver plated headband that has sporadic freshwater pearls and crystals. If you want an alluring look, the perfect selection is a shimmering diamante headband with Austrian crystals attached by hand to an ivory grosgrain ribbon. Dependant upon the wedding style, a person could wear this as a traditional style Alice band or could wear it lower across the forehead to achieve a more impressionable look. If mingled with bright amethyst crystals, any of the aforesaid headband styles will add the perfect touch to an imperial, purple-themed wedding colour scheme.

Bridal Jewellery UK

Prosperous in history, wisdom and secrecy, the amethyst occupies a noble spot within the prominent ensemble of gemstones.

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