Bridal Jewellery in the UK: Opt for a Beautiful Headband with Your Accessories

October 11th, 2010 by wys

If you are having your wedding ceremony outdoors, you probably will want a nice, calm mood for the wedding party and the invited guests. The dresses worn in this wedding would be simple, cute and graceful rather than sophisticated. In addition, you have chosen plain and simple jewellery, opting for simple yet nice looking designs which highlight the colour scheme of the wedding, which may possibly be a jewel tone colour such as regal purple. But is hair embellishment something that you have considered? Here’s some information about a great option for your purple-themed wedding, headbands embellished with the traditional gem amethyst.

Bridal Jewellery UK - Details Pertaining to Amethyst

Legend holds that amethyst was created when Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and revelry, was offended once by a mortal. He made a solemn guarantee that he would wreak revenge on the next mortal he looked at and produced vicious tigers to exact it. This mortal was an attractive youthful woman called Amethyst. Just when Dionysus was ready to go ahead with his revenge, another goddess, Diana, turned Amethyst into a crystalline statue. The moment that Dionysus saw the stunning statue, he wept with tears made of wine, giving the statue a purple stain and thus producing amethyst. In light of the colour, amethyst is sometimes indicative of royalty. Amethyst can be found within the crown jewels of early Egypt, modern England and also czarist Russia. Amethyst furthermore signifies celibacy and goodness. Amethyst decorations are seen in religious and sacramental items of Christianity and also Buddhism. This stone is available anywhere in the world, but some of the highest quality ones are manufactured in the New World, which includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay and Brazil. One thing people may not realize is that citrine, a pretty yellow-orange stone, is manufactured from heating amethyst. Amethyst is said to symbolise steadiness, serenity, inner strength, courage and balance. It also has an association with the characteristic of earnestness and is said to create a calming feeling. Some regard amethyst as having healing properties.

Bridal Jewellery UK - Options for Headbands Designed with Amethyst Crystals

Oftentimes, brides will decide on an adorned headband in place of the more reserved tiara. Headbands are ideal as well for he bridesmaids. One time-honoured headband design highlights clusters of stylish crystals and brilliant glass beads around two filigree butterflies. Just wonderful for an outside wedding! You can also get a splendid cherry blossom style in a headband which offers a fashionable and irregular style. These blossoms are created from miniature glass beads and shining Swarovski crystals. A different design suggests an art deco sense which includes a row of crystals punctuated wonderfully with two striking starbursts, one big, one little. For the classically minded bride, they have a reserved silver plated headband that has sporadic freshwater pearls and crystals. To achieve a glamorous style, a good option is a sparkling diamante headband that displays Austrian crystals hand sewn onto an ivory grosgrain ribbon. In accordance with the theme of the wedding, one can wear this as a classic Alice band or down low on the forehead to effect a more overstated look. When mixed with brilliant amethyst crystals, any one of the aforementioned headband styles can add just the right compliment to a regal, purple-themed wedding ceremony colour scheme.

Bridal Jewellery UK

Flourishing in history, tradition and ambiguity, the amethyst has well-respected spot within the pantheon of stones.

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