Bridal Jewellery - Defining the Wedding with the Bride’s Style

November 24th, 2010 by wys

Unless you are aiming to copy someone else’s wedding - from the wedding dress and hairstyles right up to the theme of the wedding itself - every single wedding is just as special as the brides themselves. The same premise holds true for bridal jewellery. So even though you may want to emulate jewellery you’ve seen in another wedding, you can still make yours authentic. Here’s a short note of what to keep in mind. The necklace should compliment the wedding gown’s neckline. The earrings and the bracelets should synch with both the gown and the bride’s own hairstyle. Keep in mind that jewellery is there for an accentuating effect, since the bride is already the pivotal jewel in her wedding.

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