Bridal Jewellery: Decide on a 1940

September 27th, 2010 by wys

In the midst of World War II, supplies were scanty. So much money was being put into the war that folks getting married could hardly buy material for their gowns or the proper food for their wedding receptions. Oftentimes a wedding ceremony was done in a hasty manner because the bride and groom were pressed for time anticipating his departure to war. Due to this fact, marriage ceremonies in the World War II period were simple, inexpensive affairs, many of which were held in the home. Therefore, if you are a spend-thrifty bride, a 1940’s theme may be just the thing for you.

Bridal Jewellery - Marriage Ceremonies of the 1940’s

The same as everything else, adequate material for fancy dresses was very expensive, so numerous brides would select a dress or suit that was simple and multifaceted. To complete her look, the bride picked high heeled pumps, likely having peep toes, gloves and make-up that featured bold red lipstick. Generally, the hair would be worn rolled or wavy and decorated using fresh flowers to accent the occasion. If you want to get a 40s, style theme, look for old style clothing businesses for 1940s style attire or hire a dressmaker to to tailor make a dress or outfit for you. If, like the high class brides of those times, you decide on a gown, satin would be perfect as it was very trendy in that day and time. Beading was a highly-used decoration. Numerous gowns emphasized trains 84 inches in length. For flowers, flowers like chrysanthemums and carnations that were easy to source were popular. Bouquets ranged in size from demure nosegays to sizeable graceful cascades.

Bridal Jewellery - More Wedding Details

For ornamentation ideas, some pictures from that era will help you. For food ideas, read cookbooks from the era. Just remember to keep it simple. For a lot of weddings, the food was punch and cake. A simple approach such as this is appropriate for any style wedding and also very affordable. The cake itself was very plain and simple for a 1940s wedding affair. Rationing caused ingredients to be hard to get, so intricate cakes were usually not planned. Many cakes were baked at home. Sponge cake, yellow cake and also white cake were typical types. Not very many folks used fruits and spices. If you want to offer something more substantial, chocolates, cookies, scones and tea sandwiches are ideal alternatives.

Bridal Jewellery - Jewellery for a 1940s Style Wedding Ceremony

To decorate your hair, pick combs, which were stylish in the 1940s. To achieve a fancy style, opt for sliver- or gold-plated metal combs decorated by using a crystal flower design accentuated with freshwater pearls, diamante and also beads. A different option is a headband covered in silver or gold which has a big crystal flower head embellished with beads, pearls or diamante. For the bracelet choice, keep with the flower them with a two-strand Swarovski crystal bracelet that has a Swarovski crystal flower head set to one side. Round out your bridal jewellery selection with a necklace that presents the same Swarovski crystal flower head in the centre of a filigree flower form. hanging gracefully down from this flower would be a tear-drop shaped crystal that echoes light with each little turn.

A 1940s themed wedding is easy to pull off on a tight budget and you don’t have to give up what you need for a beautiful wedding.

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