Birthday Gifts For Mom: Gorgeous Wooden Boxes for Her Jewelry

July 11th, 2011 by wys

Finding the right birthday gifts for mom can be the simplest way of saying thank you for being the wonderful person she is. Mother and child share a bond so unique that sometimes expressing one’s love in the form of words is impossible. Sometimes gifts, like jewelry or delicate jewelry boxes can begin to say what you have on your mind.

All mothers have a feminine side that would just love to be pampered. There are several items of jewelry that would make perfect gifts for her. The birthstone ring, though a common one, makes for a wonderful present.

It comes in myriad styles and can be personalized to hold the birthstone of you and your siblings. Jewelry for your mom can also be personalized. You could have a ring, a bracelet, or even a pendant engraved with a word that means of lot to her.

Even better would be engraving the names of all her children on these items of jewelry. You could choose items of jewelry that come together to form a complete set. Delicate earrings too are great gifts for mom.

You could choose to have them in her own birthstone or those of her children. Any way you do it, it is a gift she will love. The earrings you choose can be in stones such as diamonds or pearls and this will show that she means so much to you.

There are a number of varieties when it comes to jewelry choices for your mother, all guaranteed to make her feel special. Pearls and diamonds cannot be stored along with costume jewelry as their surfaces can get scratched, tarnishing their overall look. If your mother already has a lot of jewelry, a great gift would be the right kind of jewelry box to store it all.

Should your mom already have a lot of jewelry, buying her the right kind of jewelry box would be appropriate. There are several kinds of boxes you can choose from. Before you decide, take a look at the kind of jewelry your mother has in her collection.

Find out if there are more of rings, bracelets or necklaces perhaps. Based on this, you can decide on the kind of box that would store all of these the right way. That would mean you get a box that has hooks for necklaces, ring holders to store rings and individual compartments for bracelets.

There are several materials that you can choose from. Wood is a favorite and can be decorated in a number of ways such as with inlay work, marquetry, engraving and the like. Wood is an eternal favorite and comes decorated in many ways with the likes of inlay work, marquetry as well as engraving.

In marquetry, several small pieces of veneer are used to create exclusive designs on a surface. The work is one-of-a-kind and what better way to show your mother she is special than giving her a work of art that no one else has. Your mom goes out of her way to make sure your birthday is special, each and every year.

It doesn’t matter to her if you have outgrown birthday cakes and party hats. It never occurred to her that you may be too big for birthday cakes and party hats, your day has always been made special. What better way to say you love her for this and all that she is, than with some precious jewelry and a handcrafted jewelry box?

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