Big Style Trends At The Moment - Cubic Zirconia Pendants And More

April 1st, 2010 by wys

We all know that jewellery fashions in general come and go, but sometimes something sticks around for a long time and remains a popular choice. One type of jewellery that has come back into fashion is the long pendant, and ladies of all ages are realising just how stylish a simple pendant can be. You could trace the traditional pendant as far back as the 1920s, but it is the modern pendant of today that has many people splashing their cash to make sure they look stylish. Now you can buy contemporary and stylish cubic zirconia pendants that feature different coloured gemstones in a wide variety of designs. Lets face it, pendants are most definitely back in fashion, and its time we all took notice.

Check out the catwalks to see the latest styles of pendants being worn, and take your fashion tips from the designers that know how to do it. The teens out there will appreciate the stunning jewellery styles that make pendants so attractive, and if the pendant you like is chunky and chic, then its definitely one to buy. Keep your eye out for cute and feminine pendant charms that can be worn in variety of different ways. Those that like cubic zirconia pendants also like pendant charms that offer a bit of ‘bling’. Whether it’s a burst of colour you’re looking for or something subtler, cubic zirconia pendants epitomise everything that is desirable with modern jewellery with a vintage twist.

Pendants have been seen on the young, rich and famous and style icons such as Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn have helped to propel the humble pendant back into the limelight. If you’re fashion conscious, you’ll be aware that the plain and boring necklaces are so 90s. Today is all about statement making with pendants, and the celebrity choice can range from cubic zirconia pendants right through to novelty pendants, that give a nod back to the 1980s of cartoons and bright colours. If you like to keep up with the changing fashions, be sure to invest in some super stylish pendants this season.

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