Best Gifts For Women: Unique Wooden Jewelry Box with Elaborate Marquetry

July 6th, 2011 by wys

You want to surprise your lady love with something special for your anniversary. However, finding gifts for women especially if they have very discerning tastes can pose a challenge. If you’ve always given her jewelry for important occasions, then maybe it’s time you gave her a special container for all her precious trinkets.

There are a myriad of options when it comes to jewelry boxes. They can be made of different materials such as leather, fabric, glass or plastic. But if you’re looking for a fancier and truly exceptional box, a skillfully carved wooden box is a great choice.

There is just something about wood that makes it stand out from the rest. The skill and artistry that goes into the construction of a wooden box makes it very personal. Not only is it used to store your trinkets, but it is a masterpiece in itself.

If you are looking for a wooden box that will leave a mark, one that has in-laid marquetry will definitely impress. Elaborate and detailed marquetry highlight the beauty of the box even more. Marquetarians meticulously put thin pieces of wood or veneers together to create a wonderfully eye-catching design.

These artisans often work with exotic burl woods such as thuya, walnut, oak, redwood, maple and many more. Burl wood is a very popular choice because it has a very attractive and unusual grain pattern which can appear wavy, curly or may sometimes look like ‘eyes’ or small black dots. It is fascinating to note that burls are actually abnormalities on trees.

Burls are abnormal growths found on some trees caused by a fungal attack or insect infestation. But due to their unusual ring patterns and shapes, they have become highly sought after by many artisans. In fact, because they are so rare, they can be difficult to obtain.
For example, the thuya burl is a revered wood that comes from Morocco.

It is sometimes even considered a national treasure. Woodworkers have been using it for centuries and in fact it is even been mentioned in the Bible as the ‘Thyine’ wood. As such, it is a favorite material for religious items.

Artisans love to work with the thuya burl because it is easy to carve and polish. Its stunning ‘bird’s eyes’ pattern makes it ideal for crafting trinkets, boxes, furniture, plates, statues and other wood work. But the Moroccan government has prohibited its export due to overharvesting.

In less skilled hands, working with burl wood can be a challenge because it is more fragile and delicate than other types of wood. Due to its irregular pattern, it is more difficult to cut, chisel, or saw without breaking. Therefore, it takes a lot of skill and competence to be able to handle this kind of material.

Different types of marquetry designs made of natural burl wood can enhance a jewelry box. Just as a woman’s jewelry is a personal expression of her character and taste, so should the container that she keeps it in. An exquisite wooden jewelry organizer stays classic and timeless – just as your love is for her.

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