Best Gifts For Her That She Would Treasure: Handcrafted Wooden Boxes

July 24th, 2011 by wys

Instead of perfume or an expensive scarf, why not consider something elegant and exotic like a handcrafted large wooden jewelry box if you are looking for best gifts for her? These boxes are an appealing combination of decorativeness and function and women have been finding them appealing since they began to use jewelry. Because every box is carefully hand made, it is a unique expression of the creativity of the craftsman

These boxes are made using unusual combinations of woods, grains, and colors and will last for many generations. You can expect the box to be passed down as a family legacy to children, and grandchildren and their grandchildren. You can opt for a completely custom made wooden jewelry box but this will work out to be expensive.

Instead, you have a ready choice available on many websites on the Internet and all you have to do is to look. What makes for a high-quality box? You should start by inspecting how the box is designed and how the aesthetics combine with the functionality

The appearance of the box should draw immediate attention from anybody who sees it while conveying an aura of sophisticated chic. The craftsmanship should be such that it shows off the superior features of the wood as well as the decoration. The same concern for quality should be evident in how the box is designed to function.

The design should make the most economical use of space and you should expect to see features such as removable trays and flexible dividers Because every woman’s jewelry collection is unique, the storage options should be as versatile as possible. The lining in the storage spaces should protect the jewelry adequately by using high quality velvet

Many different kinds of wood can be used in the making of a handcrafted wooden jewelry box. As an example, there is a rare and costly wood which is known as kauki and kauki boxes are often regarded as art objects and treasured as heirlooms. You should also ensure that the wood has the right moisture content so that it is long-lasting while retaining its color and finish.

Many manufacturers, especially mass manufacturers, without the same commitment to quality use pigment or dyes to cover blemishes or flaws in the wood. You can select the kind of decoration that you would prefer and many sellers will allow you to specify a name or an initial to be carved on the box.

An attractive method of decorating a box is called marquetry in which different kinds of woods in unusual shapes come together to form eye-catching and attractive patterns. The exotic appearance is caused by the contrasting grains of wood and the different colors

You can be sure of one thing: No woman is ever likely to be disappointed when she receives a gift of a large handcrafted wooden jewelry box. She will appreciate the care with which you picked the perfect gift for her.

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