Best Gifts For Guys: Wooden Valet Boxes That Are Sophisticated

July 22nd, 2011 by wys

Anything that helps men get organized makes great gifts for guys. Valet boxes are the male counterparts of jewelry boxes and are used primarily to hold all those things that guys carry around on a regular basis. Common items are watches and rings, ties, mobiles, a pair of cuff links, coins and like.

Far from being feminine, the various materials used to make these boxes allow these boxes to exude a manly charm. Valet boxes for men vary in terms of the material they are made of. Wooden boxes are most preferred for their classiness and durability.

Wooden valet boxes easily fit into the decor that surrounds dressers or study tables, where they are normally placed. Besides protecting all that is stored in them, they are largely scratch-resistant and do not break when dropped accidentally. Leather is material that is often selected for valet boxes too.

While wood gives you only one color option of brown, leather can be had in various shades. They are durable, soft to touch and can be molded to have as many compartments as necessary. Considering most men love to own gadgets, valet boxes have yet another version in the form of technology based boxes.

One half of the box will hold charging points for mobiles, laptops and tablets, while the other half can be used to store what is required. These two compartments come together easily to form a compact unit which is especially useful when traveling. Valet boxes make great gifts for men and when you are choosing one, there are certain pointers to keep in mind.

Assess what your man has most of – rings, ties, gadgets or anything else. The sections in the box will have to be of the right kind to hold all of these and should also be enough in number. You can choose boxes that open out or those that have drawers.

The box should have sufficient ring holders, cups for cuff links, rolls for watches and flat elongated space for ties. If you are going in for a technological box, make sure that the charging points it comes with are the kind that will suit your guy’s gadgets. If the box is for a frequent traveler, then you have to make sure that it folds up neatly and does not take up too much space in baggage.

Once you have settled on the box, you will also need to look at embellishments. This is what will make the box stand out and give it a personality of its own. Wooden boxes look great when decorated with marquetry or inlay work.

Marquetry involves the use of tiny bits of veneer in various colors and textures to fill up a one-of-a-kind design. These designs can be of any sort and can be chosen to match the interests of your man. Since these are handmade, they add to the sentimental value of the box and will be cherished as gifts.

Valet boxes make great gifts for men irrespective of their age. They make befitting gifts for weddings, graduations as well as coming of age parties. Their class as well as durability are features that any discerning man will appreciate.

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