Beautiful Carving on Jewelry Boxes For Women

September 29th, 2011 by wys

Women have an affinity to jewelry and love to own beautiful jewelry boxes to store them in. If you appreciate handicrafts, here is some interesting information, from across the globe, for you on handmade jewelry boxes for women. Before you buy a jewelry box make certain you know whether you want it as a show piece or to actually keep your valuables safe.

You can find delicately carved jewelry boxes with brass embellishments on it. The designs are so intricate that it is often difficult to tell how they were created. Even the latch comes with some delicate work on it.

Thailand is quite popular for the art and craft done on its many items. Artisans here are skilled and possess the latest of technology that helps them create some fabulous pieces. They prefer to make their boxes from cherry wood.

Craftsmen from Thailand often make use of precious stones and ivory to enhance the look of their boxes. Boxes are also carved out of bone. Animal bones are seasoned and then used to create some designs. Formaldehyde is the only chemical used to mask bad odours. As soon as this is done, artisans are then able to show off their skills. Boxes made of sandal wood have a pleasant aroma to them.

Ages ago, these boxes were used by kings and royalty as commoners were unable to afford it. They have some beautiful carving on them as well. Chests made of Sandal wood have been popular in India for centuries and those originating from the city of Mysore are especially beautiful. Real sandal wood boxes will never lose their aroma, therefore you need to make sure that you are buying the real thing.

You also get wooden boxes that come with marble designs. The most famous are the Arabic and Egyptian designs on marble. The designs are made of contrasting colors and are then bordered in gold or black. Marble, when designed in white is bordered with gold or black. Black boxes have designs done in white, gold or black and these are gorgeous combinations.
Boxes with designs of lines and flowers are available too. Stones are used along with floral designs adding to the beauty of the box.

This particular style of handicraft is called Shalibadra. These particular boxes cannot be used to store jewelry as they do not come with latches and cannot be locked. It, however, makes a wonderful showpiece!

Ivory boxes, though famous can be extremely expensive. The work you find on it is painstakingly done and you will be quite privileged to own one. Ivory is basically elastic and is fibrous to a large extent. This makes it ideal for carving when compared to wood or stone. It can be used only in minute quantities specifically for the design.

You could get any design, thanks to skilled artisans, and according to your budget too. Since they are handcrafted, they also make wonderful gifts. So get out there and get yourself or your loved one a beautifully designed jewelry box.

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