Attaching Swarovski Flatbacks on Garments

November 1st, 2010 by wys

Swarovski flat backs are decorative beads that have glue on the back, which can be activated with heating. These can be affixed to any item of clothing with a few exceptions.

Individual beads look like buttons without the usual section where a needle will pass through for attaching. The side with the glue on it will be the attachment point. When you buy the Swarovski flat backs, the glue isn’t activated yet. The glue will only turn sticky when heat is involved.

What are these for? Can these really be attached to clothing? Here are the five steps you must take to create a shirt with Swarovski flat backs:

Step 1.
Beads should be purchased from places online that sell Swarovski flat backs. You can choose from many colors but it’s better to choose colors of Swarovski flat backs that match your clothing. If you want, you can get motifs instead of individual flat back beads.

Step 2.
Get a nice shirt that needs some glitters for add-ons. This shirt does not need to be new, but it has to be clean for the glue to stick to the cloth . If possible, choose a garment that is plain so that the design will stand out more.

Step 3:
Set the Swarovski flat backs with the glue side exposed on the ironing board. Position the shirt over the beads. Use an ironing fabric to avoid scorching the shirt. Heat pressing is a significant option to make the glue stick, and this can be done py putting pressure a heated item at the reverse side of the garment.

Step 4:
Ironing. If an iron is being used, heat the iron before pressing. Press like you normally would until the glued area is heated through.

Step 5:
Hang the garment and let it set for a while for the glue to stick permanently on the article of clothing. After doing this, you can now use the shirt, or wash it. After washing, iron the reverse side. You should know that a special applicator is available for you to use on your Swarovski flat backs. This can be purchased online along with the beads.

If you want to save money, you can make do with your iron. But purchasing an applicator is advisable if you attach Swarovski flat backs to your clothes frequently. Applicators are definitely a must if you want to work on all your clothes.

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