An Overview of English Brown Oak Wood Used in Jewelry Boxes Large Enough for All Your Jewelry

June 1st, 2011 by wys

It is not hard to find jewelry boxes large enough to organize and safely store your jewelry. But considering the huge size of the box, it would be good to buy one that has some exotic art work done on it to draw attention away from its sheer bulk.

Organizing and storing jewelry can be a challenging task for women. Most women keep their jewelry in its original box, which means that soon enough a woman will have a zillion boxes and pouches holding all her trinkets. And she would be constantly hunting for the right pair of earrings or necklaces to go with her outfit.

A beautifully handcrafted large jewelry box is an ideal gift for a woman who loves collecting jewelry. It not only serves as a safe receptacle for the jewelry, it also acts as a showpiece and enhances the decor of the room. However a jewelry box that is carved out exotic and rare wood would be very costly.

You can instead opt for a beautifully handmade and yet inexpensive box made out of durable and sturdy locally available wood like white mahogany, which is adorned with some art work like marquetry. Several different burls and pieces of veneer of exotic wood like the extremely attractive English Brown Oak, are used in marquetry.

The English Brown Oak belonging to the Fagaceae family (Quercus robur, Quercus petraea) is an intriguing example of exotic wood. It is not a tree in itself but an English Oak that has fallen victim to a fungus. Strangely, this fungus - the beef steak fungus - does not harm the tree in any way and seems to only want to colour the heartwood a rich honey brown that is impossible to reproduce with stains. The fungus dies only if the tree is chopped down, milled, and dried out.

This wood has several names: Pollardok, White Oak, French Oak, Brown Oak, Polard Oak, Yugoslavian Oak, European Oak, German Spessart Oak, and the English Oak. Its density is about 42 to 45 lbs per cubic foot. The English Brown Oaks from countries like Great Britain, France, Poland, Canada, and Yugoslavia, usually have about 8 growth rings as opposed to the impressive 30 to 40 growth rings of the German Spessart Oak.

It is highly resistant to rot and has a high tannic acid level that can quickly corrode metals. The colour of the wood varies from place to place from a light biscuit colored tan to a deep rich brown. It has very beautiful silvery grains that make this wood very attractive for making jewelry boxes or in marquetry. It is an expensive wood although the price varies based on its place of origin and its age.

Experts in marquetry, called ‘marquetarians’, enjoy working with the English Brown Oak as it definitely adds charm to their art and gives it a very classy look. It definitely looks awesome on the lids of jewelry boxes and can transform a dull box into a sophisticated piece of art!

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