Ahead of Finding Out the Best Way to Sell Gold Jewelry

January 16th, 2010 by wys

…you should read this note first.

Mother Earth possesses gold, which is considered to be one of the most valuable minerals. It is really hard to find. Sometimes, you can find it in a stream, but this does not always happen. To get even the tiniest amount of gold, the soil we’re standing on should be dug deep. Besides the radiance and the twinkle of the mineral, its high value must be the effect of this hard procedure.

Conversely, some people seem not to go after the real gold. Instead, they try to imitate the product and make it “golden” as much as possible. If this goes on to be the next potential trend, it would not shock most people since technology has been advancing too much lately to meet people’s necessities.Humans are now capable of producing many things that the struggle of such procedures, like digging deep down for minerals, are skipped.

If you have some of this precious material, you might want to know about selling gold for cash. Now, before asking how to sell gold, one should know how to decipher the real from the fake gold. How does one do that?

Bringing it to a jewelry maker would be the most basic thing to do. Since it is a requirement for them to decipher the authenticity of the gold or not, then the process should be a no-brainer for them. The ability to tell whether a metal is real or not is something that they trained for prior to taking their jobs. Knowing the true value of your gold will help you to avoid cash for gold scams.

The story of Archimedes might ring a bell for some people. Can anyone recall when the king called Archimedes to have his crown checked for its overall gold composition? What the great scientist did was submerge the crown in a container of water and measured its density. Using scientific formulas for this activity is not necessary. Another piece of gold that is as big as your gold and two containers filled with water (the containers’ size should accommodate the gold just right) are all the materials needed for the process. You put each of the gold in separate containers, and compare the water level of both. This is not really accurate, but it will at least give you an idea. If the water from the container which has your gold does not rise the same way as the other, then you should have an idea.

Another way would be to try it with a magnet. A magnet does not cause a chemical reaction with some materials, including gold. If your gold sticks to the magnet, then it’s an absolute fake. However, the non-reaction of your gold to the magnet does not guarantee the authenticity of it.

It is important for the gold to be deciphered for authenticity, since it is of high value. The process of selling that gold to a potential buyer would be the next dilemma the owner should deal with, given that the gold’s authenticity is proven. Knowing the procedure of selling gold jewelry for cash is important so you get the most out of your gold investments.

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