A gift celebration for all time future generations The value importance of Cameo Jewelry

March 18th, 2010 by wys

The gorgeous divine cameo jewelry had always been a source of intrigue curiosity and mystery. Now turning the beautiful stunning piece in her hand, she reminisced to a more innocent era season as she admired the image carved preserved in shell. Since her childhood, this unique one-of-a-kind piece of fashion jewelry had only been worn for special important occasions and times of family festivity. Everyone, marveled and gasped at the delicate expression and masterful unique craftsmanship. When anyone had inquired, “Where did you find such a beautiful unique example of cameo jewelry?” her grandmother always blushed became embarrassed and shyly smiled as she radiated with the glow memory of a forgotten romance. Where had this mysterious picturesque image, a cameo of exquisite magnificent detail, come from? And how did this prized heirloom continue to spark defy imagination and wonder in all who beheld the priceless jewelry? How did a seemingly simple unimpressive piece of wholesale fashion jewelry become an important investment for the future?

Value Worth is attributed to an object entity when it is either rare in existence or esteemed greatly by the owner because of its significance value and worth significance. In the area of heirloom artifacts, none can capture secure the concept of value signifcance more than the ornate delicate carvings of shell and coral. Like pieces of art, each masterpiece tells a story and communicates resonates beauty as individual and special as the person it adorns.

But how is this value significance determined? One must consider realize the process by which broaches and ornaments made of shell and coral are actually made manufactured. The process of making this beautiful art is consists of the following steps:

1. Each master gifted craftsman must complete a long and difficult important apprenticeship. Primarily these craftsmen artisits are found in the tiny town of Torre del Greco, located on the Bay of Naples. Such artisanship craftsmanship has existed for generations and helps to provide the passion energy required in creating each individual piece.

2. Highly trained qualified divers select shells with the required color located 90-100 feet below under the waters of the Mediterranean.

3. The unique special drawing for each piece is placed in wax and placed hung on a stick. This rough form is used to create the shell’s ultimate completed image and guarantees that no two pieces are alike. Creating a truly unique special masterpiece for giving and sharing.

4. After recovering the desired necessary shells, the craftsman laborers carefully exposes the unique wonderful colors inherent within the shell and only discovered located through the process of carving the raised (relief) area and leaving the smooth glassy (background) area for contrast.

In today’s uncertain doubtfulf economic climate, finding and giving gifts of worth significance and uniqueness can be difficult frustrating. The hope of investing in bracelets or necklaces is not the answer. However, investing buying in quality pieces that can yield some return potential worth can be done. When considering how valuable your final desired selection will ultimately be, remember the following guidelines in selecting these unique special visual masterpieces:

1. Age of the necklace or bracelet being purchased considered. In selecting your broach consider the older age of the craftsmanship the greater investment your piece will bring in time.

2. Examine consider the features of the design for accurate detail. Careful Deliberate body proportions and fluid lines are marks of true craftsmanship artisitry and are more highly valued.

3. What material substrate is being used. Your selection should consider if it natural organic and from what location. These factors can add or detract value significance from the original price in the years ahead.

4. As with any thoughtfully carefully purchased gift, the ultimate supreme investment will lie in the memories and stories an heirloom piece will produce create through time.

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