5 Stone Ring: the Fashion Trend With Historical Roots

April 12th, 2010 by wys

Findinga 5 Stone Diamond Ring is a great option to celebrate a milestone in your marriage. Most couples wait for at least the fifth or 10th wedding anniversary to choose a 5 Stone Ring, but of course there are so many variations on the market today that you can commemorate any year with such a 5 stone diamond ring choice. So when you need a 5 stone diamond ring, where to go & what to look for?

First, keep in mind the taste of your wife when choosing a 5 stone diamond ring. Sometimes men pick out the biggest & flashiest 5 stone diamond ring, thinking this is what she’ll love, but take a good look at the jewelry your wife wears. If she prefers simple pieces without a lot of flash, then you’ll want a 5 stone diamond ring that is simple & perhaps less flashy. Also, does she wear a lot of gold or silver or a few choices of both? Some women really don’t like gold whereas others prefer it over silver; if you choose a gold 5 stone diamond ring & she hates that metal, this isn’t going to go over well. So take a minute to glance over her present choices to tune into her tastes.

You can always try a 5 stone diamond ring in a platinum setting. Platinum became popularity in the early 1900s because of its great beauty & its resistant to tarnishing & wear. When a platinum 5 stone diamond ring is polished it does not lose any of the metal like a gold & silver 5 stone diamond ring does. Perhaps your wife would like an antique platinum 5 stone diamond ring. After is it cleaned & polished it will look as good as new & it will have a bit if history to go with it.

When it comes to the gemstones of a 5 stone diamond ring, you will need to be mindful of your budget. There’s no limit to how much you can spend on the diamond itself & the surrounding stones, so you need to have a certain 5 stone diamond ring budget in mind before you shop. Many styles of 5 stone diamond ring have surrounding stones that you can choose; usually these stones can represent the children, the number of years you’ve been married, or something else significant. Again, your budget will need to be taken into consideration. If you have three children but have been married ten years, you might opt for three small stones rather than the ten! But the feelings of your wife need to be considered as well; sometimes a woman wants to be thought of as more than just a mother, so it might be better to get her an anniversary 5 stone diamond ring to represent just your marriage & not the fact that you’re parents. And of course the 5 stone diamond ring doesn’t necessarily need surrounding stones either; a band of just diamonds or just a few diamonds alone can be very beautiful on its own.

A jeweler can help you with your choices for a 5 stone diamond ring & let you know what may be appropriate for the particular year. Obviously celebrating 25 years is going to mean something more significant than ten years, so you’ll want to 5 stone diamond ring shop appropriately. Your budget may be limited but very often a 5 stone diamond ring with the right stone & the right metal can be considered an investment & will appreciate in value for years to come. So consider your variations, the taste of your wife, & your budget & you’re sure to find a 5 stone diamond ring that’s a perfect fit.

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